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Peter J. Cameron, Directo

Melbourne Commercial Group

I am writing to thank you for the great job you did repairing my car. I was very impressed with the excellent workmanship and your attention to detail, but just as importantly your level of customer service has been faultless. You may give any potential customers my details if they require a first-hand recommendation. Yours faithfully,

Lauren Flaherty

Dear Phil, LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION South Melbourne Smash Repairs provided an exceptional service. My BMW was damaged along the left hand side whilst being transported from QLD to VIC. South Melbourne Smash Repairs was recommended to me by my insurance company and, after my experience with them, I would highly recommend them to anyone that requires smash repairs. They had a great deal of professionalism and recommended the fastest and easiest way for my car to be repaired at the company at faults cost (through their associated lawyers). Through this process South Melbourne Smash Repairs kept me apprised of all issues and the progress with the lawyers, ensuring that I was well informed and at ease. This process meant that I did not have to deal with the company at fault who were providing no information on how the damage occurred. South Melbourne Smash Repairs provided an excellent level of customer service through the provision of a hire car and their personal level of service. Their quality of work was of a very high standard, focusing on the importance of returning my car to the same condition prior to the damage occurring returning my car in perfect condition. Their quality of work is a reflection of their high professional standards. I was very happy with the service provided by South Melbourne Smash Repairs and highly recommend them!


To Whom It May Concern: I arrived at South Melbourne Smash Repairs in my damaged Lexus RX 350 in mid-Dec14. I had had a collision with an emu on the Kidman Way in NSW and Melbourne City Lexus had advised me to take the Lexus RX 350 to South Melbourne Smash Repairs to have the vehicle assessed. On arrival at South Melbourne Smash Repairs, Phil Bartolo inspected the vehicle. My Lexus RX 350 had a gaping hole extending from the grill to the passenger-side front wheel, exposing a tangle of wires and electronics and some motor parts were hanging free. Phil Bartolo advised me that the damaged vehicle constituted a hazard on the road and should not be driven any further. He offered to have South Melbourne Smash Repairs repair the vehicle. I had not had time to advise my insurance company of the accident but Phil Galea of South Melbourne Smash Repairs phoned Guild Insurance Company on my behalf and organized that the process of repairing my vehicle should begin, As repairs were expected to take some time, which would be extended by the Xmas break and delays from having to obtain parts from Lexus in Japan, I was offered the use of a courtesy car. I gratefully accepted this offer as I had no hire car facility in my insurance contract. I left the Lexus RX 350 at South Melbourne Smash Repairs and during the next ten days I was kept informed of their negotiations with Guild Insurance Company and Lexus. The process of repairing my vehicle as an insurance claim was handled completely by South Melbourne Smash Repairs. I was kept informed of procedures and even supplied photos of my damaged Lexus RX 350. The Christmas break intervened and afterwards delays were experienced in obtaining parts but I was confident that South Melbourne Smash Repairs were attending to the repairs as quickly as possible. Nearing the end of Jan15 I was advised that my Lexus RX 350 was repaired and ready for pick-up. The repaired vehicle had been taken to Melbourne City Lexus where it was inspected and approved as repaired to their standards. When I collected the vehicle it was as if it was new. I am pleased with the proficient manner in which my Lexus RX 350 was repaired by South Melbourne Smash Repairs. I am grateful to them for their hassle organization of repairs through my insurance company and for the supply of a complimentary vehicle while repairs were being made. Phil Galea and Phil Bartolo of South Melbourne Smash Repairs handled my repair job in a most professional manner. I thank them for their organizational ability and their vehicle repair expertise.

Shaun Lukman

Mainline Security Products

It Is with great pleasure for me to write a personal and business reference for Phil Bartolo of South Melbourne Smash Repairs. It has been over 20 years since I have been dealing with Phil and Phil Galea directors of this company. As a car enthusiast I have undertaken 3 very large car restoration projects with South Melbourne Smash Repairs. In particular the restoration of a 1966 HR Holden which won a prestigious Holden award 12 years in a row. It is with no doubt that the body repairs undertaken by Phil put this vehicle well above the rest to win this award so many times over.Not only have I been involved with Phil in my personal restoration projects, but as a director of Mainline Security Phil has undertaken numerous fleet vehicles regularly requiring accident repairs and his timely professional attendance assures little interruption to Mainline Securities business activity. They are able to deliver each and every time service like no other. I have enjoyed a long-standing personal and business relationship with Phil and have had no hesitation in recommending him and his company to numerous friends and business associates and will continue to do so. Not only does Phil offer a service of very high standard but the product he delivers is outstanding. Kind Regards,

Peter Burt

Burt & Davies

My 2011 model Lexus LSE suffered some body damage in a minor collision and I spoke to Lexus Melbourne about having it repaired. Lexus Melbourne recommended that I take my vehicle to South Melbourne Smash Repairs, an approved Lexus repairer. I contacted Mr Phil Galea of SMSR and he assisted me with advice about lodging an insurance claim. SMSR carried out the repair work on my vehicle and the whole process, start to finish. went seamlessly. At all times Mr Galea kept me advised of the progress and consulted with me whenever an issue arose. I was most impressed with the personal service provided by SMSR but the test of the pudding is in the eating and that relates to the quality of the work performed. I can state. without reservation, that the quality of the workmanship was first rate. On even the closest of inspections, I was unable to detect the repairs and my car was presented to me in a condition that left me very pleasantly surprised. It was important to me that my vehicle be reinstated to the best possible condition and I am aware that SMSR took the vehicle back to Lexus Melbourne to ensure that the repairs also met with the approval of the dealership. The whole process was handled in an efficient manner that meant my vehicle was off the road for the shortest possible time. In the unfortunate event that I ever require the services of a smash repairer again, I would have no hesitation whatsoever in using SMSR. I am happy to recommend SMSR to any person who requires the services of a smash repairer.

Robert G. Kirby

Village Roadshow Limited

Dear Phil G and Phil B, Thank you for the magnificent job you did on my car. Sean passed on to me your complimentary comments. I'm sure you are busy but hope you and your good staff can take some time to go to the cinema. Kind regards,

Paul Sarjue

Hi Phillip; I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to you and your team for the fantastic work done on my car. It was quite short notice but you were very accommodating and understanding, the work was completed in a timely fashion with minimum fuss and of exceptional quality. You and your team were a joy to work with and I would have no hesitations recommending you and your business to anyone. Kind regards;

Geoff Brooke

To Whom It May Concern I have a Porsche Cayenne and unfortunately hit a 20L paint can early this year on a freeway with my right front bumper. There appeared only a little damage, so I didn't rush to have it repaired. My Porsche dealer suggested South Melbourne Smash Repairs, which I had not heard of. To be blunt, they were fabulous. Fabulous. Firstly, everyone at SMSR was extremely courteous. From Celeste at the front office, to the guys working on the cars, to Phillip Galea. In fact, Phillip would call me every few days with an update on progress. I have never experienced car service like it. Additionally, they provided a shuttle for drop off and pick up. Secondly, Phillip was so meticulous, that he discovered two issues that I had not noticed, the second of which could have been disastrous. Phillip noted in his initial inspection that a shock absorber had been cracked by the impact and needed replacing. I am very grateful for his diligence. Thirdly, the quality of the repair was better than first class. The car looked brand new when I picked it up and I am very happy with the result. Hopefully, I will not require any smash repairs in the future. However, if I do, there is only one place I will go. I cannot recommend SMSR any higher. Regards

Michael Capuano

3 Point Motors

I would like to thank you for your continued support in 2014 for Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts Purchases with 3 Point Motors. Your ongoing commitment to only buy and use Brand New Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts for your repairs has seen an increase of 45% of New Parts purchased with 3 Point Motors compared to 2013 and saw South Melbourne Smash Repairs rank in the top 5 panel repairers to use Genuine Mercedes Benz Parts. Once again thank you for your continued support throughout 2014.

Sasha Samac

Hi Phil & Team, I just want to say a big thank you for looking after me with my car repairs for the second time now. The entire experience from your street frontage presentation, Celeste at the front desk, yourself and your team have really exceeded my service expectations. Not only was the job done well, but all the little extras and attention to detail were noticed and greatly appreciated. As this vehicle was a special edition (125 vehicles of this make and model), I appreciated your candid advice around the repair process to ensure the value was retained. It was great to have access to a vehicle immediately to ensure I had a means to continue commuting to work and the ongoing updates on the status of the repairs ensured I didn't have to call or follow things up. It's not everyday you deal with a business that goes above and beyond! Thank you again and I will certainly be referring family and friends to your business in the future.

Andrea Stefanesco

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN I was very happy with the quality of the repairs and paint work done on my 3201 BMW by South Melbourne Smash Repairs on two occasions over the past 2 years. Phillip Galea was excellent and very easy to deal with and I even had the benefit of a rental car at no charge to me over a period of 2.5 weeks while my car was in the shop for repairs. The work was carried out in a very professional manner and with a great amount of attention to detail and the car was given back to me in an immaculate condition. I was also kept advised at all times regarding progress. I would not hesitate to recommend Phillip and the business to future prospective customers. Kind regards,


South Melbourne Smash Repairs is a truly professional business who take pride in their work. They are efficient very respectful to their customers and I have referred several friends. I only insure with companies that allow me to choose my own repairer so that I can always use Sth Melbourne Smash.

James Aldred

Dear Phillip, I'm writing to thank you for the exceptional repair work done by South Melbourne Smash Repairs on my Golf Gil recently. Following a break in and vandalism incident, the car had extensive damage to panels and the leather interior with glass throughout the entire car which I expected would cause ongoing issues. Having now received my car back, the quality of the repair work has exceeded my expectations and I can genuinely say it's been a pleasure to deal with Phil, Celeste and yourself throughout the process. When my sister was recently involved in a fender bender I was pleased to pass on your details and with her car also now complete she shares my sentiment. Would you please pass on our thanks to your team for their excellent work and customer service.

Robert Redman

The Victor Smorgon Group

To whom it may concern, The car insurance game can be quite daunting to some and in many cases you can be led down the garden path by the repairing insurance company. Obviously their goal is to seemingly make you happy by repairing your car BUT they are still a business and want to limit their exposure/repair costs as much as possible. Many people are unaware of the games insurance companies play and as such simply take instruction and/or are dictated to by the insurance company. This can lead to sub-standard work that can devalue your vehicle when it is time to sell — and in many cases the average car owner would never know the difference. I first came across South Melbourne Smash Repairs 2 years ago when I was referred by Melbourne City Lexus for a 'not at fault' claim. With much experience in dealing with cars, I was looking for a repairer that not only looked after my needs from a convenience point of view but also (and most importantly) was used to repairing luxury vehicles to a high standard. On this occasion, under my authority; Phillip and his team enlisted the help of lawyers to take care of all the paper work involved in dealing with the repairing insurance company—they even looked after obtaining a replacement vehicle whilst mine was being repaired. The result was seamless, the repair was flawless and I did not have to worry about paying anything out of my own pocket. Most recently, I was unfortunately hit again by another vehicle. Like my previous Lexus, my (now) Mercedes CLS had a reasonably special paint colour for which I did not trust just any repairer to match up — so naturally I went to see South Melbourne Smash Repairs. Again, I required a hire car and this time Phillip (himself) drove me to pick up the hire car. He also went the extra mile to ensure that my car was fully detailed when it arrived back in my possession. The advise provided by their many years of experience in this industry was paramount and I have even learnt a few more things about what to look for in good and bad workmanship. I have now come to trust that their repair works are of the highest quality and appreciate the extra attention to detail that Phillip and his team provide...so much so that I have already referred 3 friends. I highly recommend.

Paul Maguire

Hi Phil, A short note to express my thanks to you and your team for the quality work performed in repairing my Lexus 15250C on two separate occasions. I think you and your partner (Phil) have created a smash repair organisation that successfully combines a clear focus on what is in the best interests of your client, an expertise on managing motor vehicle insurance claims and the core competencies to carry out the work required in a timely fashion. As I have expressed to you separately I will have no hesitation in recommending your business to friends and family should they have need of your services. Best Regards,

Chris Pezzimenti

Dear Phil This letter serves as an acknowledgement of the service I have received from South Melbourne Smash Repairs and as a recommendation to use as you see fit. Over the past 7 years, I (and my wife) have unfortunately required the services of a smash repair company on 4 occasions. We came to your business via a recommendation from a friend and have been nothing short of amazed with the level of service and quality of work on each occasion. It's always a worry when you enter the minefield of dealing with insurance companies, panel beaters and 3rd parties, however my mind was put to rest every time by your commitment to regular communication and clear process. We have had repairs carried out on Mercedes and Volvo SUV's and each time they were returned to us in showroom condition. We are local to three large smash repair companies and yet we travel from Brunswick to South Melbourne to ensure you guys are looking after our cars. Thanks for your honest dealings and top-shelf workmanship. Sincerely

George Tomeski

Subject: Letter of Reference To Whom It May Concern, A smash repairer was the last place I'd expected to go and be blown away by professionalism, customer service and (product) quality. That's what I got dealing with Phil Bartolo & Phil Galea and their business South Melbourne Smash Repairs. Starting with the end product, my Porsche 911 966 (2000) looks and runs as beautifully as it did when I drove it out of The Porsche Centre Melbourne as a brand new car 14 years ago. I could not find a single thing amiss. There's no paint color variation, nothing uneven or any of a host of problems that invariably follow motor body repairs after an accident. Everything is exactly where it should be, working as intended.... even an old newspaper I had in the car was placed back in the same spot it had been left! My car is actually worth more today thanks to the work by the team at South Melbourne Smash Repairs than it was beforehand. This end result is the most important aspect of a smash repair, however, in the case of South Melbourne Smash Repairs, it tells only part of the story. They're a pleasure to deal with - friendly and refreshingly honest. Above all, they're professionals with meticulous attention to detail and enormous pride in their work. The process of getting my car assessed, quoted, repaired and back on the road was made effortless with every single detail accounted for. Each and every point of the repair process was made accessible and transparent to me. I knew the precise status of my car. For example, I'd receive regular email updates with pictures of the on going repairs. I'd receive email alerts with any decisions I needed to make, again accompanied by pictures for reference. If something came up that the guys thought I should be aware of, they'd email me. If I decided it needed fixing, they'd quote me, tell me who they think should do the work and arrange the repair. If they saw an opportunity to improve the car as they were fixing it, they'd inform me. Each time the car went on a truck for a progressive check by a Porsche dealer, they'd send me a pic of it on the truck. At each point, they were on the side of doing a great job and looking after my interests. And after picking the car up, they insisted I drop the car in so they could be the first to cut and polish the new paintwork! I could go on and on. It's without hesitation that I'd recommend Phil Bartolo & Phil Galea and South Melbourne Smash Repairs. For any more information or questions, please feel free to contact me. With Regards,

Rebecca Abela

Hi Phillip I just wanted to thank you for the exceptional customer service you and your team have provided. Your support over this difficult and imposing time will not be forgotten. I commend your team on the workmanship of the repair you carried out which was flawless. I will definitely recommend South Melbourne Smash Repair to friends and family. Thank you.

Manuel Garcia

Melbourne City Lexus

I want to pass on some great feed back . Bernie Myers just called to thank me for recommending Sth Melb Smash Repairs as our preferred repairer. Bernie said the professionalism and attention to detail on his car was fantastic and would not have his car repaired by anyone else but yourself & all servicing & repairs would not go past Melb City Lexus. Bernie also mentioned he is a retired panel beater & knows what to look for. Thanks again as its always nice to get good feedback from customers and shows they appreciate the the things we do for them.


Dear Phil Your attertion to detail and assistance during the entire process has made this experience less painful than I had originally imagined it would be. I will not hesitate to use or recommend your company and outstanding service should the need arise in the future. Regards

Geoff Thomas


Dear Phillip, RE: Motor Vehicle Repairs to Holden VE Calais I wish to thank you and you staff for the extremely professional manner in which the repairs to my vehicle were undertaken by your company and in the professional and courteous manner that I was treated by your staff. There were difficult decisions to be made with respect to the repairs to my vehicle as the vehicle had previously been involved in an accident which I was unaware of. The previous repairs had been done by another smash repairer and were sub-standard and required to be rectified. This complicated the matter for the insurance company, but your patience and assistance to me ensured a satisfactory result whereby the sub-standard work was rectified. I would like to personally thank you for that assistance and would be more than happy to recommend your company to anyone requiring smash repair services.

Frank Petruzzelli, Partner


Dear Phillip I wanted to send you a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for an excellent job carried out on the BMW. The car is impeccable and it looks as good as the day we purchased it brand new. I must commend you on your professional approach towards the whole process in keeping me informed upon the progress of the car. I also appreciate your efforts in helping with my claim and the provision of a hire car while mine was being repaired If only other trades would approach their work in the same manner as you. I will be recommending all my friends and clients to you Thanks again Kind Regards

Filicia Pirritano

Re: South Melbourne Smash Repairs I cannot praise enough the practices of South Melbourne Smash Repairs. The compassion, support and gracious efforts of Phillip Galea and all his staff is outstanding. The professionalism, knowledge, awareness of the industry, superior workmanship and best practice is exceptional. In my case, following an accident that I was not a fault for, SMSR came to my rescue. The first phone call I made was to my insurance company - AAMI - which is what we are trained to do. Regrettably, my first call should have been to SMSR who would have handled all the necessary requirements on my behalf - which would in hindsight, have saved 10 months of heartache, inconvenience, poor workmanship and financial hardship - all of which I suffered through with AAMI. With SMSR, the first call ensures that you have peace of mind, efficient and effective resolution to all repairs - they handle it all. Being a victim of the politics of insurance companies, AAMI forced me into having my vehicle "repaired" by one of their preferred dealers... unfortunately, the workmanship was so poor and repairs were so obvious to the naked eye, that I had no alternative but to have all the works re-done. Not only was my Mercedes restored to "as new" by SMSR, with little or no trace of any manipulation, but: a rental car was arranged; all dealings with my solicitor were handled; and, evidence of removed parts and a full file of notes, photos and evidence were all collated and collaborated for use in the Court against AAMI. I highly recommend South Melbourne Smash Repairs. I totally trust and confide in the advise and workmanship of South Melbourne Smash Repairs. Yours faithfully,

Sue Battlley

Dear Phil, This is just a note to thank you and your team for the fantastic repair of my Lexus after a recent "incident" with a gate! You kept me informed every step of the way, from the initial assessment to the progress of the repair. Nothing was too much trouble. It is obvious the pride you take in your work. Now my lovely Lexus is back as good as new. The high degree of professionalism of you display is a credit to you and to your staff at South Melbourne Smash Repairs. I would have no hesitation in giving South Melbourne Smash Repairs the highest recommendation to anyone looking for the very best car repairer. Thank you again. Yours faithfully,

Michelle Davitt

Dear Phillip, A great thanks to you Phillip and your team at South Melbourne Smash Repair for assisting me in the investigation of my Lexus after it had been repaired by an RACY approved repairer. To date we are still awaiting solicitors to finalise the outstanding claim but I am hopeful that it will only be a matter of time. Thank you again for taking the time to sit down with me and explain the process of obtaining a solicitor to act on my behalf, assisting with the investigation of the damage and repair work required to fix the vehicle, your liaison behind the scenes with Melbourne City Lexus and Dale Battley Solicitor and your continued support and connectedness with me regarding the progress of my claim against RACV. I am very grateful for having met you and gone down this path even though at times it required great patience and trust. I know your business is Smash Repair but as an individual thank you for standing out as a light in a dark and difficult situation. Your sense of self worth, confidence and support is what was and will always be needed for anyone who is put in a very difficult situation when having to deal with bullies in the business. Thank you for keeping to a very good personal and business ethical standard. I consider it an honour to have met you and value your friendship.

Joe Bagnara

Hi Phil, Just a short email to commend you for the job done to restore my car. I am very pleased with the result and would you please pass this on to your workshop staff.

Cliff Nichols

Managing Director

Recommendation of the work of South Melbourne Smash Repairs To Whom it May Concern, This letter is to recommend the work of South Melbourne Smash Repairs. it is always a stressful time when needing repairs to your car as like the majority of us I have little or no knowledge of what constitutes a 'quality repair' or a 'fair price'. From the first moment I visited the workshop and spoke to Phil I found the service to be exceptional; efficient, helpful with both my insurer and the rental car company and they were clear and concise in describing the process of repairs to me. I should note that as my office is directly opposite the Repair workshop i have had a unique perspective in seeing how my car has been repaired and how the workshop is run. I've 'popped in' daily during repairs and the team have been universally polite and helpful each time. Both Phits have been great in communicating updates and explaining the quality controls they apply to each car repair. It is clear that the workshop is well organised and well run and that both Phits take great pride in their work, their service and in the operation in general.

Michelle Davitt

Hi Phillip Here is my testimony from my recent experience as discussed. I have recently used the services of South Melbourne Smash Repair and was completely satisfied with their service. I had an experience where a council worker whilst mowing a council nature strip, flicked up a rock which hit my car as I was passing by. I stopped immediately showed him the damage and left with details of who to contact regarding the matter. Even though there are laws regarding public damage people still find ways not to take responsibility or do so with a minimalist response. After alot of running around and phone calls I called Phillip who was able to give me a good run down on where I stood regarding this matter and provided me with an option to contact Battley & Co Solicitors. They were very clear on the fact that there was a responsibility by the council to repair my car and very clear on the action that I needed to take. The concern for me is that even after all the monies paid for a level of insurance where I have the right to choose my repairer, the insurance company ultimately looks for the cheapest quote to appease the other party leaving me with a poor level of quality and service on my vehicle. I have since had my car repaired by South Melbourne Smash and am very pleased with the level of service provided. To date I believe this matter is in the hands of the solicitor and I look forward to a quick and final end to this matter.

John Michailidis

Dear Phil, RE: BMW X5 I am writing to express my thanks and appreciation for the handling and repair of our vehicle. You kept us informed with relevant, up-to-date information throughout the process of repair and dealings with the insurer. This was a complicated case and you dealt with the manufacturer, independent assessors, insurers and us. You were professional throughout and we really appreciate the effort you took to ensure a great outcome. Needless to say the repair itself was flawless! I hope I don't need the services of smash repairers too many times but if I do, there is only one place I trust my cars to. Thank you very much!

Ann Knapp

Ann Knapp Dear Phillip, I am writing to thank you and your business partner, Phil. This relates to a most satisfactory outcome in you handling of a disputation with RACV Insurance following a damages claim to one of my vehicles. You took control of this matter from the outset, organising a hire car promptly and setting in motion legal representation. This was for the purpose of keeping me at arm's length from my insurer. The insurer was implacable, not wishing to pay the full amount of assessed damages undertaken by an independent assessor. As the matter progressed, I must admit, that my endurance was beginning to flag. However, due to your persistent encouragement that the insurer would relent, the matter proceeded well on the way to a legal battle, with documents being filed and a possible hearing date discussed. You were absolutely vindicated in your encouragement to me to stand firm. The matter was indeed settled out of court totally in my favour. This is a rather long rendition of the events, but I would wish potential clients of South Melbourne Smash to know unequivocally how outstanding your service and workmanship is. The absolute bottom line is: If you deal with South Melbourne Smash you are embarking on. what can only be described as 'A Premium Service'. Your integrity, passion for the work you do, honesty and charm together with your partner, Phil and your P.A, Celeste, make dealing with you all an absolute pleasure. I also want to add, having had independent repair work carried out to my family's vehicles by your Company, that the standard is always the same: excellent on all counts. Warmest regards and many thanks