Our Process

Working With South Melbourne Smash Repairs

At South Melbourne Smash Repairs, we bring over 50 years of combined experience to every job we work on.

We understand that following due process is the only way to ensure a quality job is done.

We are an independent business, meaning we are not beholden to any insurers or their demands. We will always repair your vehicle to the manufacturer’s standards, never settling for anything less than perfect results that leave you with a vehicle that has been immaculately repaired and meets the highest safety standards.

We follow a very clear and distinct process that our Directors have continuously perfected over the 28+ years they have owned South Melbourne Smash Repairs.

If you’re thinking about engaging our panel-beating services in South Melbourne, or if you’ve had an accident and want to know more about how to engage with us, this page is for you.

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Inspection For Safety

Every job starts with an Inspection For Safety.

Here, the goal is to establish whether or not the vehicle is safe to drive and can be delivered to the shop by the owner or the current driver or if towing needs to be arranged.

If you have had an accident and you are calling from the scene of the collision, we will conduct this inspection over the phone, asking you a series of clear and easy-to-understand questions that will help us assess the safety of the vehicle.

We also ask you to send us photos or videos of the vehicle and the resulting scene. From the evidence you provide, we will make a determination on the safety of the vehicle to drive.

We always err on the side of caution, however, and if there is any doubt about the safety of the vehicle, we will arrange for towing to our establishment on Market St, South Melbourne.

This phone conversation is very important to us, particularly if we have never dealt with you before.

It provides an opportunity for us to understand what has happened to the vehicle and allows us to help ensure that you collect all required photographic and video evidence, as well as the details (and what details you need) to collect from the other party.

Client Consultation

Once the vehicle is at the shop, we will have a detailed consultation with you where we better understand the condition of the vehicle, what happened to it, and how you want to proceed with the repair.

This consultation allows us to establish all of the facts of the situation, including who was negligent, using photos and witnesses as evidence. It also allows us to determine who is paying for the repairs and whether or not there will be any possible penalty to you or your insurance.

Most importantly, it ensures transparency and honesty between all parties, so that we can make sure that your version of events and the evidence you have to support that version is reliable.

If the consultation is successful and all parties are happy to proceed, we need to decide how the job will be reinstated and who will be paying for our services.

The main options for this:

  • You to understand our process, fees and charges
  • Receive your repair authority and instruction.
  • A claim that is made through your insurance
  • A claim is lodged through the ‘at-fault’ party’s insurance
  • The job is completed privately and paid for out of the pocket of the client
  • You seek compensation from the other party outside of insurance.

Quantifying the Visual Damage

Once the consultation has been completed, we will then get to work on determining the method of repair and quantifying the visual damage.

This involves inspecting the vehicle, conducting a thorough measurement of all body parts that need repair and taking photographs of every panel that requires attention. This allows us to accurately estimate the cost of repairs and how much time is needed to complete them.

It also gives us an accurate assessment of any additional damage which may be hidden beneath panels or in structural components. If there are structural issues, these will require special attention as they can compromise the safety of your vehicle and potentially put you at risk when driving it.

This ensures we can provide an accurate quote inclusive of parts and labour and allows the job to progress into the authority stage.

Authority To Repair

Before any work can commence on a vehicle, South Melbourne Smash Repairs requires an Authority To Repair.

 Authority to repair will always be made by the owner of the vehicle or their authorised agent as they are the property owner.

The property owner or the authorised agent is the only person that can authorise repairs/works to their property.

If you have comprehensive insurance, we will, in addition to your authority, seek a second authority from your insurer or the at-fault insurer and work extremely hard with that insurer to have the vehicle repaired at their expense.

If you do not have insurance and/or are not at fault, you will need to supply us with all relevant information, and we will attempt to assist you with our opinion if you seek to recover your losses from another party.

Each matter is treated on its own individual merit.


Once authority has been received, we can begin the repairs. This involves ordering parts, dismantling the vehicle, inspecting for additional damages, notifying the authorising person/s of extra damage if found and working with all parties in each process of the repair procedure.

At this stage, we will also prepare a detailed report outlining what has been done and all of the costs associated with it. This is then given to you and/or your insurer so they can see exactly what has been done and that the repairs have been completed to the manufacturer’s standards and our quality control standards.

Our internal quality control process is consistently applied throughout the repair, ensuring that every task that forms a part of the repair is completed to the highest standard.

The repair process varies depending on the complexity of the job and the availability of parts.

At South Melbourne Smash Repairs, we provide weekly updates (usually on Wednesdays) to all clients with a vehicle in our establishment.

Once repairs are completed, the vehicle is taken to the manufacturer’s service department for a diagnostic check and compliance check on all electronics and the calibration of sensors if required.

We conduct a final inspection to ensure the job has been done to our impeccably high standards before releasing the vehicle back into the owner’s possession.

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Due to our process’ refinement over the course of more than 28 years in the business, you can be sure that it will help you determine whether the vehicle is safe to drive before bringing it to our showroom and that you will have everything you need from the accident scene to support any insurance claims that may be made as a result of an accident.

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